jueves, septiembre 26, 2013

Little girl standing by forest,
waiting for the night to fall

eyes watching from the trees
lusting in her blood to drown

suddenly the Moon reveals
shapes not meant to be

suddenly the Moon brings
what only the living dead can see

Little girls asks to the shadows:
- Do monsters exist? -

The wind brings the answer:
- Under your bed we breathe -

Little girl asks to darkness:
- What is it that you fear ? -

A voice mourns out of nowhere:
- The prayers of children who believe -

Little girl asks the devourer:
- What do you feed of ?-

A ghastly ensemble answers:
- From the souls of missing children who cry forevermore -

Little girl asks  the demon
- Why is it that I can you see?  -

A malevolent laughter answers:
- For you died, and I have come for thee -

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